Eschol Park Public School

Truth Quality Care

Telephone02 9824 7111

General school information

School Times


8:30 am

Children arrive at school and remain on Library Quad area where there is teacher supervision.

9:00 am.

 All students assemble in main courtyard and proceed with teachers to class

First teaching/learning session

11:00 am


11:30 am

Classes resume for second teaching/learning session

1:15 pm

Lunch. The children spend the first ten minutes eating lunch under teacher supervision.

2:00 pm

Classes resume for third teaching/learning session

3:00 pm

School finishes

Sick Students

If your child is sick, the best place for them to be is at home with your personal attention, however, children do often become ill at school. In these circumstances they either recover quickly after a short time in Sick Bay or parents are contacted to collect them from school. The emergency contact numbers which you provide are essential for your own peace of mind and your child's well being.

Emergency Contact

While at school, we do our best to ensure that your child receives the best care and attention. Accidents do occur sometimes and it is important that the school office has your current emergency contact telephone numbers at all times. If changes are made to either your home or work telephone numbers, please advise the school office as soon as possible.


The Principal should be kept fully informed of any legal custody matters relating to your child. This will help us avoid problems of unauthorised access.

Car Park

The school car park is for staff use only. Parents are asked not to walk their children through the car park as this can be dangerous with the movement of many vehicles at peak times. Two pedestrian gates are provided on Eschol Park Drive for your safety and convenience.

Volunteer Helpers

Volunteer helpers are a valuable resource at our school. Teachers appreciate your help in the classroom for class programs and for special support programs.  All parent helpers visiting or assisting at the school in any way, must sign in and out at the front office and collect a visitors badge. This system ensures that all visitors are authorised, are easily identified by school personnel and students and ensure the safety of all.

Your class teacher will inform you if parent helpers are required. Please contact your child's teacher if you are able to assist in any way. A Declaration for Volunteers and Non Child Related Contractors needs to be completed as part of a Department of Education requirement. This will be kept on confidential file at the school.

Contacting The Class Teacher

While teachers are always willing to speak with parents, they cannot leave or be late to their class to do so. If you wish to speak to your child's class teacher, please request an interview at a mutually convenient time. These requests can be made through the front office.

Messages to Students

Telephone messages to students should be restricted to cases of urgency. Please ensure children are aware of after school arrangements before leaving home. This will ensure that they have a settled school day.


All payments for excursions, camps etc must be sealed in an envelope marked clearly with your child's name, class and payment details. This is placed in the post box located in the school office. Change cannot be given over the counter. If change is required, payment will be processed throughout the day and the change returned to your child via the classroom teacher. No money is to be given to the classroom teacher. If there is no name on the envelope no responsibility will be taken.

Alternatively you can make payment through this website via the $ Make a payment button located above. Payment can be made by credit card or debit card using this method.

Bus - the School Opal Card

Students in K, Yr 1 and Yr 2 are eligible for a free card. Students in Yrs 3-6 who live outside a 1.6 km radius or 2.3km walking distance from the school are entitled to a free card. Applicants apply online at

Note: Please observe the Bus Parking Zones and No Parking signs outside of the school. The police and RTA make regular patrols of this area.

Clothing and Property

Please name all articles. To help your child be independent, a secure pocket on clothing is useful for spending money. By the end of each term an incredible amount of unnamed articles will accumulate as lost property. You are welcome to check the lost property yourself if a child has failed to locate lost items. The lost property box  is located outside the Library. Lost items of value eg jewellery, glasses, wallets/purses are kept in the office. Please ask the office ladies if they have had the item handed in.