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General information

The Eschol Park PS P&C Association meets in Weeks 3 & 7 on the Tuesday of each term during the school terms. The P&C is an organisation of parents and citizens of the Eschol Park school community and whilst membership primarily consists of current parents within the school, it is open to parents of previously enrolled students who are still citizens of the Eschol Park PS community.

At each meeting the P&C receives a Principal's report, discusses upcoming events, raises educational issues and organises fund-raising activities to support school programs.

The staff and community of Eschol Park PS encourage everyone's participation in their school's P&C Association. Membership is not exclusive and everyone is invited. Please feel free to attend each meeting or on occasions when you are able.

Current Positions - 2024

President – Belinda Hodges

Vice President – Corrine Riley & Tina Wait

Treasurer – Chontelle Scrine

Secretary – Lauren Jeffs


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